Surname interests in England  

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I am currently researching the surnames shown on the map. More information of these families - names, dates, places - can be found through the name list.

Major Brick Walls

The last of my 32 GGG Grandparents is proving troublesome to find. Any help welcomed!

FORREST - Blackburn 1800's

My GGG Grandfather is William FORREST. He was a brickmaker, born in the early 1800s and was the father of James FORREST, my GG Grandfather. James was born in about 1833 in Mellor near Blackburn. I have not been able to find William in any records other than James' marriage certificate, nor have I found James' mother. Who was she? Who were their parents?

Please contact me if you have any information or if you think we might be related!! I'm always happy to meet a sixth cousin once removed!