Esther Elizabeth 'Lizzie' GARNER

Esther Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Garner was born on 30th May 1871 in Hinckley.

She was interested in nursing and was awarded a certificate by the St. Johns Ambulance Brigade. She worked for a while at Queen Charlotte's Hospital in London, which is probably where she trained to become a midwife.

Later, when she was qualified, she used to stay with various families, during the period of the wife's confinement. It was when she was at Mrs Hodgets at Stoke Court, Bromsgrove, that she met William Edward Weaver.

Esther and William were married at Hinckley on 13th April 1903 at Holy Trinity Church, Hinckley, the church closely associated with the Garner family. In 1906, their eldest son, 'Laddie', was photographed at the laying of the foundation stone for the new church.

Although a resident of Bromsgrove for only eight years, Elizabeth Esther Weaver had won the esteem of all whom she had met and as an earnest worker in the affairs of the Church of All Saints', where her husband was Vicar's Warden, she achieved a very wide measure of respect. She also interested hereself in other purposeful work such as the Bromsgrove Nursing Association and the British Womens Temperance Association, and in all she undertook thoroughness and sympathetic nature won for her a well deserved popularity.

Lizzie became ill just before her son Ralph was born in July 1911, and she died of consumption only two months later. She was likely buried in Bromsgrove Cemetery. William WEAVER bought grave space 413 letter I for £2 8s in October 1911 (although July is written then crossed out on the certificate). 7 8 9 10

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